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Tired of being f*cked over by the fitness industry?


You SHOULD be pissed off at the vultures trying to prey on people's insecurities.

They'll tell you ANYTHING just to get you to buy a quick-fix...


Swolenormous® X gives you TRUE fitness WITHOUT the BULLSHIT. 

(Seriously... No 🐃💩)


Here You Will Find







  Crash Diets  

Real Training

Real Food

Hard Work





  No more confusing diet plans!

No more reckless & random training programs!

No more searching endlessly on Google!

Everything you need in ONE place.

Now you have MORE time, and the RIGHT training.

My methods have helped THOUSANDS break free from the toxicity in the fitness industry and finally find the health, fitness and lifestyle they desire.

Real Members Share Their SWOLENORMOUS® Xperience

Chase Lost over 100 pounds in less than a year with SWOLENORMOUS®!

"The training and nutrition in Swolenormous X is amazing. It really should've been this simple all the way. There is no B.S. just the hard work the right way...THAT'S what people need."

- Chase W. Swolenormous X Member

"Even if you've never worked out a day in your life, YOU can do the 90DD. Not to mention if there are any exercises that you cannot do, just shoot Dash a message and he'll give you some alternatives, (i.e. pull-up negatives vs. pull-ups). Great program that I absolutely cannot say enough about, thanks Dash!"

John Rackham
Swolenormous X Member

"Making gains on the weekend feels great! I’m sore (in a good way) from my 90DD workouts and I can feel the changes with each workout. My improved strength has really jacked up my yoga practice as well which feels AWESOME."

Genevieve Morrone
Swolenormous X Member

"I love the recipes! Time and time again they help keep my nutrition on track. These foods have done WONDERS for my body. I say it all the time but thank you for all you do - I love the daily content, love Swolenormous X and love you Dash!!! You're helping me change my life this time for good and for the better."

Nicholas Joyce
Swolenormous X Member

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