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  • Versatile training can be done in the gym OR at home with minimal equipment!
  • Easy to read manual with full program calendar!
  • NO guesswork, you'll know EXACTLY what to do on what day.
  • Short workouts that save you time and are EASY to schedule.
  • Low-risk exercises to keep you injury and pain free!
  • Nutrition Guide AND Recipes Section to simplify your food!


Swolenormous X is expertly designed to be done ABSOLUTELY ANYWHERE.

Use your current gym or use easy modifications for home training. (dumbbells and yoga mat recommended)


Use your phone at the gym, or print out provided worksheets to go old school :)

Stream to your TV or computer and use dumbbells at home...


Grab your phone or tablet and some resistance bands for the road! 


We are all on our individual journeys, but we are stronger together. Connect with your team in the private members forum.

The family support in Swolenormous X will keep you consistent and accountable wherever you are!

I Made Swolenormous X For YOU

MEN and WOMEN all ages and experiences will benefit from the training and nutrition in Swolenormous X.

My method has helped THOUSANDS break free from the toxicity in the fitness industry and finally find the health, fitness and lifestyle they desire. In fact, many have already achieved their fitness goals with the programs and trainings in Swolenormous X!


Build muscle and endurance customized for your skill level and goals. Training schedules for ALL levels, BEGINNER TO ADVANCED.


Use the Nutrition Jumpstart video series inside Swolenormous X to minimize inflammation and water retention.


Instructor-led yoga classes and mobility workouts drive your body to get stronger and leaner while shedding body fat!


I give you my complete personal recipe guide that I use to make my nutrition SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE without counting calories!


Swolenormous X is your complete fitness experience. Immediately access hours of HD video training, private community and program material, with new content added every month!


Swolenormous X content can not be viewed or seen elsewhere!  You now have Swolenormous X as your pocket personal trainer EVERYWHERE you go!


You have nothing to worry about. We offer full refunds up to 30 days after purchase.


As long as you have a device and an internet connection, you have Swolenormous X ANYWHERE.


ALL videos, ALL classes, ALL workshops, ALL trainings, unlimited viewing at ANY time!

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Join the ranks of success stories. You're in good company. People just like you that took the initiative to change their life.

It's THAT simple.

"Dash is dead on with nutrition...I've lost 17 lbs, stronger then ever...I'm competing at a level that I haven't in over a decade.." - Adam

"I was heading down the path to overtraining and burnout...now I have a program that is recovery based and an outline that I can use over and over again for life!" - Genevieve M.

"I've already gone from 370lbs to 340lbs...the program is easy to follow...I love the daily support, I can't say enough about what it's done for me! " - James

So what are you waiting for?

Nothing will change unless YOU do.

Chase Lost over 100 pounds in less than a year with Swolenormous X!

"The training and nutrition in Swolenormous X is amazing. It really should've been this simple all the way. There is no B.S. just the hard work the right way...THAT'S what people need."

- Chase W. Swolenormous X Member

So What does Swolenormous X Include?

For starters, Swolenormous X includes the "90 Day Dash" which is the signature program of Swolenormous X.

Everything expertly designed to give you optimal instruction every step of the way!

32+ HD Videos, full program manual, individual worksheets to track progress, and so much more!

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then $9.99/month

Full 90 Day Dash Program

Instructional Videos

Nutrition Jumpstart Guide

Swole Food Recipes

Private Masterclasses

Program Vault

Full Length Yoga Classes (60 min)

Private Facebook Group with Exclusive LIVE broadcasts (Members Only)

Virtual Trainer (Train With Me!)

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