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Here is what you can expect when you join the Swolenormous X family:

  1. Instant access to ALL programs, classes and workshops.
  2. Email confirmation to set up your exclusive 1-on-1 orientation phone call with Dash (Papa Swolio) himself!
  3. Visit the private community forum to introduce yourself to the family in the "Welcome" section.
  4. Enter the library and watch the "Start Here" video for the 90 Day Dash program.
  5. Download the program manual (and read it!) and watch the included resource videos for the program.
  6. Dash calls you at your scheduled time and answers any questions you may have to make sure you are doing exactly what you need for your specific goals.
  7. You enjoy the journey of fitness at your fingertips with the amazing community support, weekly workshops, yoga classes and training videos!
  8. You grow a beard and long hair and move back to Asgard ;)
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What does Swolenormous X Include?

For starters, Swolenormous X includes the "90 Day Dash" which is the core program of the Swolenormous community. 32+ HD Videos, manual, worksheets, and so much more!

Swolenormous X Also Includes:


Master nutritionprogram design and exercise techniques with the weekly workshops designed to take your fitness to the next level.

Yoga Classes

Weekly brand new full yoga classes taught by expert instructors. Experience vinyasa, yin yoga, and mobility classes for ALL levels of practice.

Virtual Training

Train with Dash ANYwhere ANYtime with the exclusive Virtual Trainer from Swolenormous X. Grab your headphones and press play as Dash guides you step by step through his own grueling personal workouts!

Instructional Videos

Reference a growing library of exercise demonstrations that cover proper form and technique so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Community Support

Experience the true power of Swolenormous X by entering the private community forums where you can ask questions, receive support and feedback on your progress and discuss everything from nutrition recipes to exercise programming.

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Who Is Swolenormous X For?

Men and Women, all ages and experiences will benefit from the resources in Swolenormous X.

My method has helped 1000s break free from the toxicity in the fitness industry and finally find the health, fitness and lifestyle they desire. In fact, many have already achieved their fitness goals with the programs and trainings in Swolenormous X.

See what members have to say about their experience!

Member Success Stories

Join the ranks of success stories. You're in good company.

"Dash is dead on with nutrition...I've lost 17 lbs, stronger then ever...I'm competing at a level that I haven't in over a decade.."

"I was heading down the path to overtraining and I have a program that is recovery based and an outline that I can use over and over again for life!"

"I've already gone from 370lbs to 340lbs...the program is easy to follow...I love the daily support, I can't say enough about what it's done for me! "


Swolenormous X is your complete fitness experience. Immediately access hours of HD video training and program material, with new content added weekly.


Swolenormous X content can not be viewed or seen elsewhere. It is one thing to watch The Daily Swole, it is another thing to have Swolenormous as your personal trainer ANYWHERE.


You have nothing to worry about. We offer full refunds up to 30 days after purchase.


As long as you have a device and an internet connection, you have Swolenormous X ANYWHERE.

Unlimited Access

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's our job to make sure you know EXACTLY what you are getting into. Here are some common questions being asked.

Do I have immediate access to my account? 

Yep! The second you submit your payment, you will be redirected to create and login to your account. If for some reason you do not get redirected, you will receive an email with login information to the email used when signing up for Swolenormous X. If all else fails, you can email [email protected] for assistance logging in.

Why is it a membership? 

My team and I spent months deciding how to best deliver Swolenormous X. After asking our community and strategizing with the team, we decided on a membership-based platform for a couple reasons. One, most fitness programs are hundreds of dollars yet they don't yield the desired results you are looking for—with our system, you don't have to spend hundreds upfront only to find out it doesn't work for you. You can hop in, check it out, test the programs and IF you don't like it you get your money back no questions asked. Two, SOOO many people in the Swolenormous community were buying all of my products a la cart, which adds up quickly—I wanted to provide a simple, more affordable way to let the Swolenormous family have access to EVERYTHING that I drop at a manageable cost. 

Do I have to buy the 90 Day Dash Program every 90 days? 

LOL! No wayyyy. I laugh because I get this question weekly. The 90 Day Dash has "90" in the title because that's how long the program regimen is. This is a concept in fitness that we call "periodization." It's the process of shorter, focused attention on one or a few areas to get a desired result. That being said, just like any program, you can repeat it as many times as you want WITHOUT having to pay for it over and over. Each time you go through the 90 Day Dash, you should be getting stronger, better & faster!

How often do you add new content to the site?

Personally, I record new training content daily. Literally. However, my web and marketing team needs a little time to edit, design, upload and present the content. So, this means that we drop new trainings, yoga classes and lesson packs every week!

Will this work for my specific body type and lifestyle? 

If you've seen any of my content, you'll know that Papa Swolio tailors his messages and trainings to each individual personality, background, and body type. But, this is 100% up to you. It's your job and responsibility to make sure that you follow along and listen to the variations, tips, tricks, guidances, etc., throughout the training programs. It's also very important that you read through the Terms & Conditions BEFORE purchasing any program from Swolenormous, LLC.

My wife and I both want to join. Do you have a membership for couples?

If you are interested in a "couples" or "family" membership, please email [email protected] for special pricing options.

Do you offer military/law enforcement discounts?

Absolutely! If you are are a veteran, active duty, police, fire, or related public service, please email [email protected] for special pricing options.

Can I share my account with someone else? 

Yes and no. If someone would like to follow along with you in person and go through a workout or training with you, the more the merrier. Feel free to invite people to the gym with you, over to your house, or wherever you do your training. However, while I will not enforce it in any way, I would appreciate that you do not share your login information with anyone else. I've put thousands of hours into creating a fitness platform that can help the masses and it would cheapen everyones experience if you begin sharing your login information with other users. 

Are the programs, lesson packs and trainings legit, or is it all basic? 

Papa Swolio doesn't do basic. The trainings, programs and lesson packs that you find in Swolenormous X are designed for all levels. In fact, some of the content is marked based on it's difficulty and experience level. The smartest thing you can do is listen to your body to determine what level you are on. I can assure you that whether you've just begun your fitness goals and have a long way to go, or you're advanced and have been doing this for years, my content will push you to the next level. Don't forget, not only has Papa Swolio trained thousands of individuals, I trained other personal trainers and gym facilities on HOW to train for years. 

Can I get a refund? 

Absolutely. When you invest into yourself by purchasing a Swolenormous X membership, you have 30 days to decide if it's for you, no questions asked. Out of my 15 years of experience, I can count on 1 hand the amount of people who've ever asked me for any type of refund. So, while the chances ARE slim, you do have the option if you'd like. It's super simple—you can cancel in your account settings and/or email [email protected] if you'd like a refund.

How do I cancel my subscription if I wanted to? 

Every user has a unique login and user account. In the settings located in your account, there is a tab that is titled "Credit Card Info." Under that tab, there is red lettering that states "Remove Card & Cancel All Subscriptions." Simply click this button and you will not be charged a penny more. 

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