Nathan Is CRUSHING His 7 Pillars & Making SFGs!

discipline & consistency

A lot of focus lately online, when it comes to the fitness and health industry, has been on mental health. And for good reason. I mean, we are approaching a full year of being in the midst of a global pandemic and certain parts of the world, and certain parts here in the USA, still have never had lock down restrictions lifted.

No damn doubt that plays a twisted game with your mental health.

But let’s shift gears here. Let’s talk about some physical health. Muscle growth. Body recomposition. Also known as making those sick effing gainzzzz! #SFG, if you know, you know!

SwoleFam member, Nathan, shared this in the private members-only Facebook group.

Although Nathan, by his own admission, and by looking at his “before” pic, was not what most would consider over-weight. As a matter of fact, he may have even fallen into what is known as a “skinny fat” category: when you aren’t overweight, but your lean muscle mass is low and body fat is high.

But all of that changed when Nathan joined the SwoleFam. Little did he know, he would slowly but surely build lean muscle, drop body fat, start building a physique that is right for him, and even start sharing booty pics!

Training is one of the 7 Pillars of Swolenormous. All 7 are important for well rounded health. But training, specifically resistance and strength training, is IMPERATIVE for well rounded deltoids, biceps and glutes. Resistance training works hand-in-hand with nutrition to build muscle.

You want the chiseled physique of an ancient god or goddess? Cardio alone isn’t going to do it. Nor will performing random exercises haphazardly at the gym. Just because that machine is sitting there, doesn’t mean you need to be sitting on it.

To build muscle, a well-structured training program is a must. One that includes recovery and mobility as well as heavy lifting days strategically designed to put the needed stress on your muscle for it to grow.

This is what Nathan has found inside SwolenormousX. He is working through the flagship program, the 90 Day Dash, for a second time, and his results are awesome! If you commit to doing the work, following a well-designed program will get you much closer to your goals.

While Nathan certainly has the Training pillar on point, he also has others on point too. 

  • Community (the SwoleFam always has your back!)
  • Consistency (hitting up the gym even on Sundays!)

If you set your mind to it, you can accomplish any fitness goals you have. Making the promise to yourself that you will see your program or plan all the way through. Committing to make the necessary changes needed to help you move forward and not drag yourself backward. Staying consistent even when you have an off day. YOU have to want it. YOU have to work for it. YOU have to focus on the process. Do that, and YOU will succeed.

Nathan is doing all of that. One day at a time. 

And it shows!