Is Your Goal Weight Realistic?

Have you ever wondered why, when someone sets out on a weight loss journey, they pick a “goal weight” number that most times has no reason or significance behind it? Just arbitrarily, we pick a number. Almost like picking it from a hat and thinking to ourselves, “Ok. This is it. This is the number that will define my success.”

Seems crazy, right? When you think of it like that. Sade-Auroora has definitely had a change of heart about her goal weight, after her doctor set one for her. While you should always adhere to and seek medical advice when necessary, you also have the right to talk to your doctor about readjusting your goals as your body changes over time. Here is what Sade shared with the Swole Fam:

Spending this past year focusing on the 7 Pillars, specifically nutrition, mobility and mindfulness, Sade was able to strengthen her body and learn a more appropriate weight range for herself.

And now, adding another pillar to her arsenal, Sade wants to start strength training. Not only will that help her lose any excess fat she wants to lose, it will give her more strength for the pole activities she enjoys and shape her body into the look it’s meant to have. There is something incredibly powerful in being able to control exactly how your body looks It’s like you are a sculptor and your body is the next world masterpiece.  

That is EXACTLY how you should treat it.

When you take the time to focus on the food you put into your body, how you react to it, what food is best for you, and stay consistent with activity and exercise that you love, you LEARN your body. You learn what it likes and doesn’t like. You learn how to make your body perform its absolute best. And by being mindful of the feedback your body gives you, that’s when you have a better idea of what “goal weight” you should have.

You no longer need to guess at it or throw a dart at a group of numbers on a wall to choose it. Let it choose YOU. If you take care of your body properly and listen to what it tells you, you will end up exactly where you need to be.

The human body is pretty awesome that way. Take care of it and it will take care of you.