Jacob's Relentless Consistency

In the #SwoleFam, there is a lot of talk about food quality being paramount for good health. There is a lot of talk about #GTTFG (Go To The F*cking Gym!), Mobility, Recovery, and Mindfulness. These are, after all, the foundation of SwolenormousX – The 7 Pillars.

The one pillar I want to talk about here is consistency. If you don’t practice consistency with the pillars, you won’t have success. You will have a tough time reaching your goals.

It is often said on the Daily Swole Podcast and by members of the #SwoleFam that motivation means nothing. You must have the discipline to go to the gym every day and the discipline to follow the proper nutrition protocol for yourself. 

But how do you create the discipline to do that?

You do that by being consistent with your efforts. 

You push forward even when you have had a setback, whether it was self-inflicted or out of your control. You stay consistent, so even when you must take a step back, you can follow that with two steps forward.

Jacob is a long-time OG member of the #SwoleFam. When it comes to consistency and accountability, he is one of the finest in the fam. 

Each month, he posts a progress picture that is a side-by-side of the current month and the past month. Why does he do this? To show his consistency with his efforts and to use the Swole Fam community for accountability.

Jacob is honest with his updates. If there have been struggles with his work or personal life that derailed him for a bit, he admits it. 

He also takes ownership of it and never makes excuses. Whether he thinks he’s made any progress toward his goals, he shares an accountability post every month. 

THIS is consistency. THIS  creates discipline and accountability. And, THIS is what has helped Jacob come as far as he has with his health and fitness goals.

He sometimes expresses to the Swole Fam that he doesn’t think he's worked hard enough that month…  that he could have done more or better with his nutrition or workouts. 

We are our own worst critics, and Jacob is no different. The Swole Fam sees his consistency and continuous effort to improve in all areas of his life. He relentlessly moves forward no matter the obstacles that get in his way.

Jacob’s consistency will be the reason he achieves his goals and is an excellent example to the rest of the Swole Fam of how they can achieve their own goals if they do the same.