Are These Foods Making You Fat?

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You've heard me mention it before on the Daily Swole Podcast - Eliminate inflammatory foods to improve your health!

Sounds scary, sounds intimidating...but don't worry, it's not!

The most important thing is that you get started moving forward with your fitness. Too often we absorb tons of information without actually applying it. And as you know, nothing happens unless you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

The process of elimination is simple: Cut out certain food groups and monitor your health improvements.

It can get complicated so I'll keep this message short with a couple of foods you can start with to experience what many people call amazing positive changes in their body.

  • Sugar
  • Wheat/Grains/Gluten
  • Common Dairy Products
  • Grain-fed Feed Lot Meats
  • Processed Meats
  • Legumes (Beans)

Now, the list can go on in more detail on an individual level, and it's important to understand all the stress that the human body is under in this modern world.

Pesticides, neurotoxins, anti-biotic residue...there's a LOT of stuff that can interrupt our hormones (endocrine system) and affect our thyroid and other mechanisms in our body.

This is a big reason why diets that you may have tried over and over again just don't seem to work! Even with cutting calories dramatically!

Most members of Swolenormous X report amazing improvements in just a few days and even more after following this approach for several weeks.

You start to realize how much better you CAN feel by approaching your health from the foundational level of WHAT you are consuming, and not bogging yourself down with counting calories.

Remember, focus on the basics and consistency is what makes all the difference. When you take true interest in your health, a LOT of things get better, especially in the long-term.

- Papa Swolio