Chest & Back Pre-Fatigue PUMP


This session focused on a "pre-fatigue" approach, using some isolation moves at the beginning with more reps and volume BEFORE heavier compound movements.

This is NOT recommended for beginners as you need work capacity and experience to not OVER-fatigue the muscles you're going to be working on.

The last thing you want to do is blast yourself unknowingly and drop a weight on your face!

Here is the general breakdown as I did not specifically count each set and every last rep.

Only if you are more advanced should you push the volume towards 5 sets.

Your volume of training every week should be determined in part by the frequency of each body part.

For example, if you train arms twice per week as opposed to once per week, you would decrease the volume during each individual workout.

Watch the full video with commentary below:

General Warmup: Stepmill 10-20 min

Dynamic Warmup: Yoga Flow (members can do Swole-in-7)

Focused Warmup: Dead Hang, Light Cable Crossovers (circles, low-high, etc), Pull-Ups or Inverted Rows

Beginners - 1-2 sets, no failure

Intermediate - 2-3 sets, less failure

Advanced - 3-5 sets, heavier, shorter rest

Working Sets

  • Wide-Grip Pull-Ups // Cable Crossovers (or variation) (3-5 sets)
  • Dumbbell Low Rows // Incline DB Press

  • Dumbbell Pullovers // Prone Weighted Cobra