Chest & Back Smash


 Let's get a great "front and back" titty workout to get you going this week!

This workout can be adjusted for volume so if you're just getting into heavier weight training, start out with less total sets!

This is a "superset" workout so you are doing a chest set followed by a back set with no rest between those two sets...

...good news, you get to rest after the pair 😎



  • General cardio
  • Basic yoga flow

Activation (Pick two)

  • Floor Cobra
  • Prone Press (unweighted)
  • Shoulder External Rotation (band)

Beginners - 1-3 sets

Intermediate - 2-4 sets

Advanced - 3-5 sets, shorter rest

Working Sets

1-2 minutes rest before repeating superset

// = Superset

  1. Incline DB Flyes // Back DB Flyes (10-15 reps each)
  2. Incline DB Bench // Barbell Rows (8-15 reps each)
  3. Chest Dips // Pull-Ups (negatives or weighted optional) (Minimum 8 reps each)
  4. Max Push-Ups // Pinch Front Raise (10-20 reps) // 2-arm DB row (10-15 reps) // Prone Press (10-15 reps)

Exercise Demos