Glute Smash (Leg Day)

Have you ever done a focused leg workout that is still isolating the FUCK out of your glutes?

This session will "pre-exhaust" the glutes and really fire them up from the beginning to the end in order to squeeze every last drop of juice from your booty lemon 🍋

This is ADVANCED, so modify with less volume (2-3 sets instead) if you need.

Don't go to failure if you are not prepared to sit gingerly for a few days after this one 😈

Glute activation is still essential before this workout, and make sure to build up slowly to your maximum working weight for reps!

- High reps mean 15-20+

- Heavy means failure around 8-12 reps

// = Supersets

Warmup (general cardio and/or mini yoga flow recommended first)

  • Supine Hip Bridge - 2 sets
  • Lateral Tube Walk - 2 sets
  • Single-Leg RDL (no weight) 2 sets each leg

Working Sets (5 sets of each of the following)

  1. Weighted Hip Bridges (heavy)
  2. Back Squats (heavy) // Weighted Hip Bridges (high rep)
  3. Back Squats (high rep) // Single-Leg RDL (8-15 reps each)
  4. Hip Bridges (high rep) // Step-Back Lunges (or walking) (high rep)