Planks Are Important! [DO THIS]


"Planks" are important as a stabilizer exercise for your intrinsic core muscles.

Those are the deep muscles that are MOST responsible for protecting your lower back.

Most people, unfortunately, absolutely JACK THESE UP!

You'll see slouched backs, rounded thoracic spines, drooping necks, extended necks, mountain-butts...


But follow the cues below the training gif, and you'll be planking properly in no time!

**In the picture where it says "move further forward to make easier," I am referring to the BODY, not the elbows...

...Shift your center of gravity further forward, thus closing the angle of the elbow slightly to make it easier.

To make it HARDER, move elbows further forward (toward the head) to challenge the core more!

Note: If you are unable to perform this exercise from your toes, you may do this "elevated" with your elbows on a bed or a training bench to decrease difficulty. You may also keep your knees to the ground for an acceptable modification.


Formally known as a "Prone Iso-Ab" (Iso meaning Isometric), this exercise when done PROPERLY, will strengthen this deep muscle and tighten up your waist. 

Just The Swole Tip:

  • Keep elbows under shoulders
  • Pull shoulder blades back and down
  • Tuck chin in and look straight at the floor
  • Ankles are in a neutral position

In case you didn't notice, I'm pretty passionate about the last point above.😎

Suck your stomach in!

Doing this while squeezing your glutes helps to neutralize the spine and strengthen your internal stabilizers.

This is SUCH a commonly botched exercise so pay attention and practice to make sure you are sucking, squeezing, and are properly aligned for your planks!

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Go get yours today,

Papa Swolio