Ryan Lost 200 Pounds! What's His Secret??

community discipline & consistency

When one of us decides that we have had enough, and “it’s time” to finally lose the excess weight that is causing issues in many facets of our lives, the reason behind that decision is different for each of us.

For Ryan, it was a girl he liked.  Maybe he wanted to woo her with his masculine wiles!  Maybe he just wanted to somehow get her attention more often.  Or maybe he just wanted her to see him as he saw her.  Only Ryan knows that for sure, but here is what he shared with us:                                         

So, Ryan set out to drop that extra weight he was carrying around.  And that he did!  His crush may have been the initial reason for his decision to start his journey, but his drive to succeed is what kept him going.

Having an outside motivator is a powerful tool in the early stages of a weight loss journey.  It gives you hope, that euphoria of how the future could look once you reach your goal.  But much quicker than any of us suspect, or ever imagine, those outside motivators stop giving us that same hope.  They no longer help us to see where will be in six months, or a year.  And then what?

That’s where Pillar #7 comes into play.  And it must come into play HARD.  I am talking about the unsexy part of getting healthy, the part that might make your friends or family call you obsessed.  The “C” word.  (Not THAT “C” word…..get your mind out of the cellar).


CONSISTENCY.  And wow, does Ryan have that!  205 pounds lost in just over two years.  That is an average of 7.5 lbs per month weight loss.  This type of change doesn’t happen without relentlessness.  Nor does it happen without dedication to himself and his health.

Consistency is about doing the hard things, the boring things, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

It’s meal prepping when you would rather lie on the couch and watch movies.

It’s working out when you are tired and all you want is to have a nice dinner and relax.

It’s choosing the BETTER options way more than you choose the less-than-ideal options.

It’s turning down the happy hour invites more often than not.

It’s doing these boring and unsexy things so often that they become habit.

And, more importantly, it is what will drive your success.

If you are consistent in your approach to weight loss, you WILL succeed.  It is almost impossible not to.  Do you think Ryan took weeks and weeks off because “he didn’t feel like it”?  Of course he didn’t, and his results are proof of that.

Before you throw in the towel, and tell yourself it’s pointless to eat better or workout because you have “already tried that” and it didn’t work, take an honest look at your OWN consistency with your approach.  The truth may shock you, or at least call you on your own B.S.

Now, if you haven’t already, choose something to help get you to your goal.  Do it every day.  And don’t be surprised when you are proud of yourself for accomplishing something you tried to convince yourself couldn’t happen for you.

Author: Christy Mayberry