Sarah Lost Over 100 POUNDS! How Long Does It REALLY Take??

Our minds can be a slippery slope of doubt, distortion and despair when weight loss is our goal.  We want it to happen quickly, on the timeline we have scheduled for ourselves.  The thing is, though, our bodies don’t really care what we (or our minds) think should happen with weight loss or fat loss.

Like, not even the tiniest bit, do our bodies care.

We are doing everything right, following the all 7 Pillars to the letter, day in and day out.  Suddenly, the scale stops responding, we freak out.  OH MY GOD!  IT’S NOT WORKING!

Before you hurl yourself into a pint of ice cream just to spite that mean and nasty scale, check out Sarah’s advice.

Not only has Sarah made AMAZING progress, she understands that our minds will try to play tricks on us.  Taking measurements and progress photos is a very simple and effective way for us to trick our minds right back!

Every single one of us will lose body fat differently. By that I mean where we notice it first, and where the last bit hangs on for dear life.  Sometimes, you can drop an entire pants size and NOT LOSE A SINGLE POUND.  Often, we let the scale dictate our success.  Even though we feel our clothes fitting bigger, our bodies feel lighter, and we just feel better overall.  But if that scale doesn’t go down, or heaven forbid goes UP a pound or two, that is what we fixate on.

Another reason Sarah’s advice is so important is, we see ourselves every day, all day.  We pass by mirrors, take showers, and see every part of ourselves so often, that the small and subtle changes get lost to us.  By taking progress pictures on a regular basis, it gives our mind’s eye a new “us” to look at.  A new way to view our bodies than the daily ordinary.  That’s when we truly see the changes.

MINDFULNESS is the pillar we need to focus on during these times in our journey.  We know we are doing things well; we know we have made progress.  We must resist letting our minds tell us otherwise.  Meditation and awareness are two important parts of being mindful.

Meditation to help clear our minds of the self-doubt and negativity that starts to creep in when the numbers don’t go our way.

Awareness to be proactive and take those progress pics, measurements, and to even journal each step of our journey so we can positively reinforce our minds when the negativity tries to speak louder than the truth.

The 7 Pillars work together to create an environment for your success.  Don’t overlook the importance of any of them.  Instead, put them to work like your own “Get Healthy” PR team.  Your body and mind will thank you.

Author: Christy Mayberry