The TRUTH About Obesity | CJ's Incredible Transformation

community discipline & consistency

It is sometimes easy to focus on one aspect of being “healthy”.   Not many people, though, focus on ALL aspects of it, and what that would look like implemented into their daily lives.

Some focus solely on nutrition.  This could mean they cut out fast food, they stop drinking sugary drinks, they eat more home-cooked meals instead of meals that come from a box.  Some go to extremes, and immediately start cutting out entire food groups without understanding what their body truly needs to thrive.

Others focus on “working out”.  For some that means a resistance training program, for others it means walking daily.  And yet to another set of people, it may mean doing cardio all day every day.  But for most, it never encompasses all the important aspects of exercise or making it purposeful and effective.

And, let’s address the elephant on the page: very FEW people stay consistent with either of the things mentioned above long enough to see the results they want, or to learn whether or not their bodies respond well to what they are doing.

This isn’t the case with CJ, though.  She has been killing it with her consistency, and the other six pillars, and it shows!

It’s not easy to commit to being healthy.  There are a TON of outside forces bombarding you at every glance, every turn, and every decision you make regarding changes for better health.

CJ has shared numerous struggles inside the #SwoleFam and with each one, she comes out stronger.  She utilizes the 7 Pillars of Swolenormous to her advantage like a boss!  As a matter of fact, she uses them ALL in her day-to-day life.

I can’t speak for CJ when it comes to which Pillar she thinks is most important, but I can certainly tell you that they all work together to create an environment for health and fitness success.  

Whether you need to:

  • lose body fat to get into a healthy range
  • gain muscle mass for strength 
  • strengthen your bones as you age
  • increase mobility to stay agile
  • get a handle on an illness such as diabetes or high blood pressure
  • or simply have an aesthetic goal 

Putting all 7 Pillars to work is what will get you closer to those goals.

As I sit here thinking about it, perhaps one of the most important pillars is Community.  Being surrounded by other people who, although they may not have the same goal as you, want to watch you succeed, and take back your health, or reach a fitness milestone is EMPOWERING and builds confidence like you have never had before.  A like-minded community will hold you accountable for the decisions you make, cheer you on when needed and give tough love when necessary.  And it will allow you to be vulnerable and take a close look at yourself while pushing you safely out of your comfort zone and help you grow in ALL aspects of health – mental and physical.

That’s what the #SwoleFam and the 7 Pillars is all about.

CJ’s progress is proof of it, and she is just getting started!

Author: Christy Mayberry