What's Holding You Back?

So often we dislike where we are, and we can envision where we want to be, but the road to get from one place to the other is full of debris and we can’t figure out how to climb over it.

But rarely is the obstacle something out of our control. Most times, we ARE our own obstacle. Our mindset, our fear of failure, our fear of rejection or humiliation.

You know you need to really get a grasp on your nutrition, to find what works for your body and is the most healthful for you. And you know that’s going to mean making changes and creating new habits, or at the very least giving up a few long-time habits.  That can be scary. What if you “fall off the wagon” and have a “cheat meal”? You ruined your new nutrition habits, right? You are a failure and those people who told you that you wouldn’t be able to do it were right, weren’t they?


No one is perfect, and no one makes improvements with their physical health, fitness, nutrition, or mental health without a few setbacks and a step or two backwards. The important thing is that no matter what things happen, you continue to take a step forward the next time. Even if you take a step backward for every two steps you take forward, you are STILL MOVING FORWARD! 

That is progress.

Don’t let the fear of change or failure stop you from getting to where you want to be.  “Failure” is a part of growth. It’s a learning tool. If you “fail” at something, that simply means that you LEARNED what did not work and going forward you use that knowledge to find what DOES work.

If you don’t give up and quit, you CANNOT fail, you can only learn. That means there is really NOTHING holding you back. You got this.

Author: Christy Mayberry