5 Things That Are Holding You Back

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I have spent years in the fitness industry...

Almost 2 decades to be exact (come on, I'm not THAT old :)

Not only have I trained thousands of clients both in person and online, but I have been in the trenches myself, doing the work.

That's right.

I preach what I practice.

After all this time, there are a few "road-blocks" that most people get hung up on.

Whether they are beginners or experienced in the gym, they can still affect the best of us.

#1 - Obsessing Over Perfection

Does this sound like you?

Looking for the perfect workout, the best time of day, the idea recipe...


Perfection in ANY form doesn't exist - and trying to make everything "just so" will only hinder your progress because you're losing time.

#2 - Ignoring The Basics

Most people want the most advanced exercise routine, or the busiest schedule because doing more is getting more...right?


The body is an ancient creature that moves VERY slowly when it comes to adaptation.

It takes time and needs recovery in order to adapt and to develop.

This is the case for trying to gain weight (muscle) OR lose weight (fat loss).

Don't try and beat yourself into the ground without getting the proper hydration, nutrition, sleep, etc. 

#3 - Complicating Training

Most people have heard of "muscle confusion" and try to randomize and accomplish as many variables of training as possible.

Not good stuff.

Sure, you want to progressively overload your body (this is how you grow), but throwing random stuff at the wall just to hope something sticks?


That's the quickest way to get hurt without the results you want.

The body needs consistency to adapt.

So stop changing shit!

#4 - Counting Calories

Yup, I said it. I went there.

If you are micromanaging your food...you are spending a LOT of time and energy unnecessarily.

Getting hung up on measuring and counting every day is just not necessary.

You need energy, sure...but your body will send you signals letting you know when you are hungry and full if you are eating the RIGHT foods.

I've said it many times on my Daily Swole Podcast...

"If you eat the RIGHT shit, you don't have to COUNT shit."

THAT is the damn truth.

Put those scales and calculators away until you determine the best foods for YOUR body.

#5 - Not Practicing

Fitness is a practice.

Yoga is a practice.

Nutrition is a practice.


We aren't born and instantly amazing at everything. We need to practice to get better.

Whether it's a sport, a skill, a hobby...we have to practice, fail, learn, and improve.

Fitness and nutrition are no different.

Everyone wants to just have the answer and get amazing results.

Sorry...won't happen. It's time to strap in and put in work!

I've been there...been through all of this.

I learned the "hard way" by actually doing it.

The main thing that I have learned, is that only by DOING will do you know what is right for you.

Don't slow yourself down!

Go get it.