5 Things to Do NOW to Get Ready for Summer

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Can you believe it?! We only have 3 months until the official first day of summer!

Have you been hibernating all winter, making excuses to not work out? Still sitting with that “Quarantine 15” that actually ended up being a “Dirty 30” even though it’s a full year into this pandemic, and by now should have gotten off of your derrière and stopped the nonsense and cleaned up your diet? 

You are NOT alone!

There are simple ways to get yourself ready for summer, fear not! I'm not talking about being shredded in three months, or even looking “skinny”.

I'm talking about dropping some of the extra pounds that make you feel lethargic and un-energetic. I am talking about your body feeling GOOD. I am talking about your brain being re-charged and focused.

I mean, if you also happen to get shredded, BONUS!

Here are 5 things to do now to get yourself ready for the summer!

1. Start an Elimination Diet

If you have not done one, or it has been awhile and you could definitely benefit from doing one again, start and complete an elimination diet to find out which foods YOUR body reacts best to. If you start RIGHT NOW, you could be finished by summertime and most likely lose the bloating and inflammation you have that is making your body feel so blah. Also, who doesn’t want to eat amazing, nutritious foods every day?

2. Move More

Start an evening walking routine.  With the longer days, which means more daylight hours, you have more time to do that without excuses. You can take walks on your lunch break and save lunch-time errands for after work, you can walk after work, or now with the extra daylight, you can walk AFTER dinner and enjoy a nice sunset as you do.  Just get your body moving! Walking is the most simple, inexpensive and effective exercise to do anywhere!

3. Work Out Consistently

Start a workout program TODAY! Building lean muscle takes time, consistency and a well-designed program. You cannot expect to see amazing results with a mediocre program. You have three months until summer is official. Just imagine the gains to be made between now and then! 

4. Focus on Quality Sleep

Be prepared to get a good night’s sleep each night! Now that you have your nutrition taken care of, and are working out regularly, you will need plenty of sleep for recovery. Because the daylight hours are longer now, you may find that there is still a little daylight left as you head off to bed.  If this is your situation, be sure to use light blocking curtains and keep them pulled shut when you lie down to sleep. Practice Pillar #6 (Mindfulness) of the 7 Pillars of Swolenormous at bedtime and do a short 5-10 minute wind-down meditation. Consider keeping your bedroom a little cooler now that the days are getting warmer. A well-rested body performs better in all things it needs to do, whether it’s working out, job duties at work, or spring and summertime household chores.  

5. Plan For Success

Plan any trips (that will be longer than a day) right now. This allows you to plan the food you need to take along or places you will eat on the trip to be sure your nutrition stays in check, especially since you did that elimination diet I mentioned earlier! Scope out local gyms at your destination that allow you to purchase daily passes for a workout or choose hotels that have a gym you can use. And of course, invest in a set of inexpensive resistance bands and a yoga mat so you can take them with you. You may find yourself without gym access or wanting to exercise in nature! Planning ahead for these things can alleviate a TON of stress.

Go forth and make gains, it’s time to get Swole for Summer!

Author: Christy Mayberry

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